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Medical Financing

EP Care offers a low interest medical financing solution for your immediate medical needs. Accessing additional funds is now simple and easy. Get the treatment you need when you need with our affordable monthly payment options. Do not delay your treatment due to cost concerns. Prioritize your health. We are here to support you because at EP Care we truly care.

Key Features

  • Product Type: Term loan
  • Interest Rate: 11.99%
  • Type of Interest: Fixed
  • Set-Up Fees: $25
  • Monthly fee: $0
  • Credit Limit: $300 – $5,000
  • Term Length: 3, 6,12, 18, 24 months
  • Eligibility: Personal identification (Government issued ID), Proof of income, void cheque or copy of pre-authorized debit form

Get the care you need when you need.

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