How does it work?

Apply to pre-qualify

Fill out the application on our website to pre-qualify for the program. Once qualified you can start house hunting for the home of your dreams.

Shop for your new home

Shop for your forever home that fits your lifestyle from a wide array of brand-new homes from our partner builders in a neighbourhood of your choice.

Sign the lease agreement

Once you are approved for the program, you will sign a lease agreement. A security deposit**, and renters’ insurance is all you need to get started.

Live in your new home

Lease and live in your brand-new home, while building equity towards the purchase of your home.

Save money for the down payment

Your monthly payment has 2 components: rent + savings**. We set aside the savings* portion of your monthly payments in an account*. The accumulated savings* over the leasing period will form your down payment.

Own your new home

At the end of your lease term, you will have the down payment needed to qualify for a mortgage. Once approved* for a mortgage, you will be able to exercise your ‘option to purchase’. The title is then transferred to you, making you an official homeowner.


You visit an EP Care approved partner to attain quality care

Fill out the application.


Get approved fast

Once we receive all the required documents, we process your application. If all the documents are received in time, your application gets processed the same business day.


Begin your treatment

Upon approval for the term loan, you can directly book your appointment with your service provider and start the treatment.


Make your monthly payments

Complete monthly payments on time. You can make pre-authorized monthly payments from your designated bank account.

Get immediate access to quality care today.