EP Care is a simple payment plan program which helps make health and wellness expenses more accessible and affordable for everyday people. Monthly payments are easy on your wallet while you get the care you need when you need it.

Applying is fast and easy. The first step is to find an EP Care preferred partner. Once you know your doctor or practitioner offers the EP Care Program, you will apply in their office right from your mobile device.

Applying takes only a few short minutes and a decision will be provided to you within as little as 15 minutes.

We offer affordable and some of the lowest interest rates in the health and wellness industry. The interest rate you pay is specific to the type of financing needed. Talk to one of our team members for more details.

Absolutely, EP Care is for the whole family.
You’re welcome to do so. There are no penalties for early payouts.

Approval will be based on your ability to manage your plan’s payments.

We do. All payment history will be reported back to two major credit bureaus. If you have poor credit or no credit, our EP Care Plan is a great opportunity to care for yourself, while caring for your credit. On-time payments will help you enhance your credit score.

Expand your patient reach with EP Care – letsconnect@epcare.ca
We have a high approval rating along with quick application processing. This will ensure your patients get the treatment they need, and you get compensation for the quality care you provide.

We offer low-cost payment plans tailored to the patients’ financial needs and capacity. A variety of term options are available ranging from 3-24 months.

With our high approval rate and quick patient processing, your patients will have access to low-cost payment plan options for their health needs. This will create a long-term patient relationship and opportunities for additional financing for future procedures.