About The Bridge to OwnTM Program

Your credit rating is just fine; the down payment is the challenge. Just because you don’t have enough saved for a down payment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own a home. With the Bridge to Own Program, you can live in a brand new, high-quality home while you lease and save.

Get a Fresh New Start

It's simple.
EP Homes will buy the new home you've always wanted.
We'll pay the GST and the closing costs.
You'll save a down payment while you live in the home.
You buy the home at the end of the term.

Easy Online Application and
Pre-Qualification Process

Our easy Pre-qualification process lets you shop for the right home for your life, and your budget.

A Real Plan

Your Dream. Your Plan.
You’ll have a clear roadmap to homeownership and what you’ll need to purchase your home.

Payment Terms

Line up your regular payments with what works best for your budget. So that you'll always be able to pay on time.

Credit Monitoring and Money Mentoring

Execute your mortgage with ease. EP helps you monitor your credit report and financial profile to keep your home purchasing plan on track.

Short Term Options

Already have some of your down payment saved, but not the full 5%? EP’s short-term options give you the flexibility you need to make you a homeowner faster.

Full House Inspection
and Walkthrough

We make sure your house is a home. Our inspection process addresses any defects before the 1-year warranty is up to ensure that your home is move-in ready.

1 Year Builder

A new home doesn’t have to mean new problems. EP will manage the builder warranty process so you can focus on what matters.

Turnkey Pricing

Depending on the builder, your homes price includes move in ready features like deck, landscaping, fence, window coverings and major appliances,

Save 5% Down at End of Term

Live in the home you love, while saving to buy it. Your regular payment contains a savings component to yield a 5% down payment at the end of the lease term.

Regular Home Care Reminders

Life is busy – go ahead and be busy. Our reminders will help you organize your homeownership responsibilities in a way that protects your family and your home value.

Management of
Seasonal Work

Get all the information you need for your picture-perfect home without any of the work. EP will ensure that you receive all the features of the turnkey pricing by coordinating the pre-arranged seasonal work for you.

Mortgage Package and Prep

When it’s time to execute your option to purchase, EP gets you ready for the bank. Our online learning tutorial makes your mortgage application and transition to homeownership easy as 1-2-3.

Own your home.
Own your future.

Complete a pre-qualification assessment today and see if the Bridge to Own Program is right for you.